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Educators in over 1000 colleges and schools have used our courses to teach computer skills to their students. Here is a sample of what they have to say:


















"I strongly recommend that any correctional facility start using PCIC3 - Getting Ready for IC3 by Teknimedia as soon as possible. I teach 3 classes of 20 students 4 days a week and still have a large waiting list of students. I began using PCIC3 by Teknimedia and received such interest that the word got out how good the program was. Now at this point, I can not keep up with the  amount of requests for my class. When I ask for feedback from the students, their biggest response is "It started me right where I needed to be, at the  beginning". I have men of all ages taking this course and love it.... I will be using PCIC3 by Teknimedia for the rest of my career."

Randy Allen
Federal Correctional Institute
Otisville, New York



























"We have been using the Teknimedia software in our Digital Learning Labs in Baltimore, Md. The training modules have been the catalyst for an education explosion in the area of computer literacy in our area. The software really is effective in addressing the needs of the first time user as well as the intermediate computer user. The curriculum is comprehensive and leaves no technical stone unturned."

Kevin McLamb, Information Systems Manager
The Mayor's Office of Employment Development
Baltimore, Maryland



























"The PC100 and 101 are some of the best computer education software on the market today. The software uses the "Keep It Simple for Students" or (KISS) Principle very well. In our Success Through Education Program (STEP), which is a community correction education program, our students respond well to the program and they love the immediate feedback given from the software. Thank you for making such student friendly software packages."

Russell  Wright, Education Coordinator
Ordnance Road Correctional Center
Annapolis, Maryland



























"We have been using PC100, 101, 110 and 120 or 125 to teach computer skills in our employability classes... After completing these courses, they have the knowledge and - more importantly - the confidence to use the computer ... and to tackle the MS Office programs."

Marcia Maitin, Wage Training Center
Conway Adult Education Center
Conway, Arkansas



























"We use Teknimedia's CLS courses with students in our introductory classes. These are by far the best courses we've seen!"

John Chadwick, Director
Technology Academy
Manassas,  Virginia



























"The CLS is terrific. It's been a big asset to our software collection. Our GED and adult basic education students have no trouble using the courses. The language is simple to understand and the program is very user friendly."

Bonna  Goode
Longfellow Education Center
Owensboro, Kentucky