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Over 100,000 individuals have successfully learned computer skills on their own using our courses. Here is a sample of what they have to say:


















"I am well pleased with the knowledge that I have acquired through these courses. I have paid three times the amount that I paid for the courses to another company that advertised on T.V., only to learn that I wasted my money and  time. However, I realize that it is difficult to learn a lot about computers at the age of 69. Nevertheless, I have learned more in 3 hours with these courses than I have learned in the past 6 years. Thank you for understanding that beginners and senior citizens need it explained in simple terms."

Carl D.



























"I ordered the courses and I must say they are the most comprehensive and easily understood courses I have ever tried. They are truly outstanding and well done. Any new or even knowledgeable computer users would do well to take these courses. I thank you for making them available."

Ronald C.



























"The order for 3 of your courses was my first try at ordering online. The courses are so basic and the instructions very clear so I am enjoying the learning process that I needed 10 years ago. I have recommended this same pacakge to my cousin and he will probably call you for help in purchasing same."

Bob  G.



























"I consider myself a beginning computer student. I just bought a brand new computer from Dell off the Internet. I went through 3 courses over a couple of times each, went through the "frequently asked questions", did all the exercises, and took and retook all the tests until I got 100% on everything. Now, exactly one week later, I am doing everything I need and want to do on the computer. No more fear. I understand how the computer works and how to handle files and folders, how to create and save, modify, delete, rename, and much, much more. Today a guy called me from [deleted] Computer Learning School. I took one complimentary class from them along time ago. They charge $300 or more for a one-day class. He tried to sign me up for more, but I told him that I bought your 3 courses and  don't need anything else at this time. I was a school teacher for 10 years and I know good teaching when I see it. Your product is fantastic. It is easy, thorough, and a lot of fun. Thank you so much. You should be proud of your teaching ability and your product."

Bruce K.



























"I ordered your PC100, 101, 110, 125. I have had a senior PC class and two adult classes and  none of them come close to the quality and content your courses. They are so much more professional and easy to understand and follow. Other classes just don't have the quality teachers or content you have. I found it easy to follow and they have been very helpful for me. I will recommend these to my friends and anyone else who will listen. Thank you for putting out such a great product."

Paul J.